2022 ThrowDown RESULTS

Freestyle Orders:

Sports Division
1 lan Kim
2 Hudson Coffey
3 Pierce Boulay
4 Cooper Dillard
5 Sacha Casiopp-Barnes
6 Casey Reino
7 Reid Seidel
8 miles wagner
9 Weston Crawford
11 Dante Salvucci
12 Tony Wyman
13 Matthew Giroux

1 Juan Renteria
2 Ryan Connolly
3 Ben Gates
4 Joe Lacerda
5 Jerry Carboneau
6 Ben Alexander

PRO Division
1 Ryan Connolly
2 Sam Bentz
3 Ben Alexander
4 Sean Collins
5 Aidan Cioch
6 Leira Alicea
7 Adam Schultz
8 Conor Neumann
9 Jerry Carboneau
10 Dan Gorham
11 Beniamin Nikitas
12 Brendan McGinnis
13 James Liptak
14 Louis Munson
15 Dylan Ostrowski
16 Anthony Federici
17 Micah Wingell



SATURDAY - NOVEMBER 12, 2022 6:00PM to 9:00PM


Inside Eastworks Building Easthampton, MA (Across from RIFFS Restaurant)


FREE to ATTEND or $5 to Compete!


One Minute Freestyles All Divisions
Sports Freestyle w/ Three Age Divisions

PRO & X Divisions!


Yo-Yo Players love to test their skills and have a constant drive to improve and showcase what they have learned.

The GOAL of the YoYoExpert ThrowDown is to give players a place to do this more often and in a more casual and fun (relaxing) environment compared to a larger state or regional contest.

The contest focuses on short freestyles performances set to music of players choice. This is your moment to show us what you have learned!